Stephen Troese Jr Shares RV Renovation Tips

stephen troese jr

In today’s housing market, many young couples and families are turning to less conventional homes to escape sky-high home costs and mortgage payments. Stephen Troese Jr. and his family are one of many American families who have discovered the many benefits of living full-time in an RV and hopes to inspire other families to look into other home models. In this blog, Stephen Troese Jr. will discuss the popular topic of RV renovation and share tips for families looking to DIY their own RV renovation.

Make Sure Your Paint Works for the Surface

When renovating an RV, one of the first things owners often reach for is paint. It also doesn’t help that most RV’s are a horrible 80’s wood color. However, when painting over dark brown cabinetry or wood flooring, it’s important first to check to see what kind of material it is and if your paint will adhere to the surface. For multiple surfaces, Stephen Troese Jr recommends using a shellac primer or other oil-based primer. This is because most water-based primers do not adhere to a porous substrate and instead can lift or crack off of different surfaces.

Always Consider Weight

Today, more and more families are considering RVs as their full-time homes. While there can be a large number of benefits to having an RV be your full-time home, transitioning from a large house to an RV can be difficult. When moving items into an RV, many first-time RV owners will have difficulty letting go of their larger possessions and will want to bring prize furniture or hobby equipment with them into the RV. This may not always be possible, especially for heavier items. When renovating your RV, it is always best to keep in mind weight and be sure to space out heavier items throughout the RV, or you may need to purchase and renovate another RV sooner than you think.

If owners are considering rearranging the RV, layout be sure to space out the following items:

–        Refrigerator

–        Bed

–        Toilet

–        Heater

–        TV


Install Solar Panels on Roof

When living in an RV full time, many owners are surprised how much electricity they go through each day. RV owners who work from home will often need to stop at a coffee shop or conserve their energy throughout the day to ensure that their computer or laptop is able to run. One of the best ways to prevent loss of power at odd hours is to install solar panels on the roof of your RV. Camper solar panel setups will often run owners less than $1000 and allow for more off-grid adventures and freedom in regards to parking.

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